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Limoneverde Wood realizes natural wood models, accurate copies of world-renowned cars and bikes, in 1:12 scale for cars and 1: 9 for motorcycles: a balanced size that allows to have an original and elegant collection item.

The model, created from a high-quality solid wood (usually cherry, mahogany or walnut) as a sculpture and integrated with its moving parts (doors, bonnet, wheels and steering movement), can be seen in its continuity of a single veining, in its natural beauty, avoiding coloured paints and fillings, only protected with transparent varnish.

Models production, vintage or contemporary, is always upon customer's order/request, as there is no stock.

Only in the showroom you can see expositiong models that attract fans and collectors.

The production process is very time-consuming and complex:
after a detailed research and documentation on the "real" model chosen by the customer, Limoneverde Wood realizes the orthogonal projections on graph paper in 1:12 scale for cars and 1: 9 for the bikes, defining at the same time all the details of the "cut" of the model.

Starting from a solid wood of valuable one (usually cherry wood, walnut or mahogany) the craftsman proceeds to a grooving, milling and turning painstaking finishing with rasps, files and sandpaper, shaping the forms and faithfully respecting the design of the original vehicle.

The model is enriched with ingenious movements, from the opening of the doors to the steering wheel, not forgetting the care of the interior, dashboard and seats finishing.

The final result is a beautiful, unique and original object to collect or to enjoy every day.