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The King of Vinegars

Traditional Balsamic Vinegar of Modena DOP

Extra Virgin Oil

The best italian Extra Virgin Oil

from Organic italian small Producers


"Beer is made by men, Wine by God"

Make a toast with Limoneverde

Limoneverde means

Limoneverde means:

100% genuine products handmade in Italy

From the producers to you, directly

Safe and innovative ecommerce platform

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The Limoneverde "mission"


Limoneverde wants to bring to everyone, in Italy and around the world, Italian high quality foods and beverages.

Limoneverde wants to share the value of "good" food that is not limited to the purely monetary and material side or measured in quantitative terms through exclusively economic parameters but in a much wider prospective.

The value of "good" food is to be understood essentially in terms of quality as, for example, the ability to understand the relationships and as a tool to spread the knowledge of Italian peculiarities and uniqueness outside the regional and national borders.

The value of healthy food as an instrument of knowledge and culture.

If you want to discover new flavours, foods and high quality drinks, Limoneverde has selected for you a range of products that will make you live a truly unique experience.

In the words of Carlo Petrini (founder of Slow Food):
"... Especially in the power of ideas - ambitious, big, important, innovative - we find the best antibodies  to survive with dignity in difficult times and be harbingers of hope for a different future. "
"It's our way of making associations and culture. Our way of doing politics, because we are convinced that through the food you have the opportunity to make a noble political activity, that leads to a higher purpose, to be at the service of others and for the collective well-being. "
"The food is also a network. Behind a food, a dish, there are the stories of all the people that helped to bring it up to my mouth: meetings, knowledge, trade and cultural exchanges, people that have offered their knowledge, their art or their time. There are the relationships between people and the environment, nature and ways of exploiting it, more or less judiciously. In short, there is a dense and complex network, so dense that the thought of following it almost makes me dizzy, but in reality it is the best possible description of culinary science because it shows how it should be considered exclusively in a interdisciplinary way, open to any influence and connection. "

The Limoneverde "approach"

 Why Limoneverde

In Italy, more than in any other country in the world, Territory, local traditions and culture can find an efficient synthesis and can be transmitted through the narration and dissemination of good food.

The gastronomic diversity is itself a representation of Italian particularism and cultural fragmentation, the expression of a long history that is in the kitchen, as in the arts and is indeed a means of establishing Italian identity.

By knowing the history of a certain food or dish, expression of a region, the people and the work needed to cultivate, develop and implement it, is, without any doubt, culture!

To spread this knowledge through publishing initiatives and innovative services on the web, is delivering cultural services and help disseminate and promote the Italian heritage.

This can be done in many ways; we have chosen to do this by "talking" directly to the protagonists:
the Italian small and medium producers and, above all, their products.

Thanks to Limoneverde you can buy with confidence and ease the culinary excellence of "Made in Italy" directly from the producers.

Limoverde is the new marketplace dedicated to those who love good and genuine products that Mother Nature deliver us.

Limoneverde is primarily a "lifestyle", attentive to environmental and social sustainability, which starts from "food" but it aims to convey products and services in line with these principles. We can not talk about food without speaking of the Territory where it is born, where it is grown and where it is "created".

And to describe Italian Territory it is our way of promoting tourism, one of the most important sources of wealth in our country.

In "Discover Italy" you will find useful information for your travels and tours around Italy, what to eat, where to stay, what to see and what to do.

A trip to discover the typical products of various Italian regions, and more.

Follow us and stay updated.

The Limoneverde offer

Limoneverde offer

Limoneverde offers Italian specialties you can not find at your local supermarket.

Products from farmers who love their work, using their energy and their passion into every stage of cultivation and processing.

With Limoneverde can eat and live better!

Our prices reflect the energies and efforts put in to bring to your table healthy and genuine products.
Be warned: if you find offers in the supermarket or on the internet for good food at very low prices, such as a few euro for a liter of an extra virgin olive oil, there's a catch somewhere. Be aware that there must be a consistent price, you get what you pay for!

Quality food has a "right" price (i.e. you can not spend more on a liter of motor oil for your car than for the oil you eat or you use to cook!).

Energy, well being and quality can not be paid for less than what they are worth!

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