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About Limoneverde's team 

We are italians, a passionate people, and one of our passions are beautiful things.
In this day and age it is increasingly difficult to find such products but they are still out there.
There are many small producers striving to make a living doing their job the right way.
Not the easiest way. Not the most lucrative way. 
Just the right way.
Because they care about their products. Because they are proud of what they do.

Our goal is to help these excellent producers bring their fine italian goods to the world.

The brand name LIMONEVERDE comes from the joining of two italian words: LIMONE and VERDE.

  • LIMONE (lemon): evergreen tree, whose fruit is used throughout the world for many purposes from culinary to medicine. You use everything of the lemon fruit: juice, pulp and rind (zest)! You can even produce electricity from a lemon. Green, of course! The first important cultivation of lemons in Europe began in Genoa (Italy) in the 15th century. The lemon was later introduced to the Americas by Christopher Columbus.
    Lemon is vitamin rich. It’s full of nutrients. In other words: Lemon is good for you! ;-)
  • VERDE (green): It is one of the primary colors. It is the color of growing grass and leaves, associated with springtime, growth and nature in general. Green means also responsibility, sustainability and life
Made in Italy: the artisanal craftsmanship
If you like italian goods, come discover these human-scale artisanal craftsmanship! We observe the outside world with open-minded curiosity to help grow our own competencies. We are committed to the pursuit of excellence on a daily basis.

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We guarantee the quality of the italian craftsmen which offer 100% genuine Made in Italy models.

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